Imagine our world, your community, your firm - you... in 2050.

Here's the scene: 10 billion people, 75% in urban areas, 65% in 50 city regions...

Here's the challenge: We need to double food production, reengineer the energy mix,  think of embedded water in all we produce and...

over 65% of the jobs of the future have yet to be invented. 

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This logo speaks the agenda. We need to understand how we got here, what's happening now and how do we reach the future. Let's be clear, disruption is in the future's DNA. 2050NOW has the global network and the tool kit to rewrite the script - for communities and the workplace.

These days networks and platforms compete, not companies. This sets the agenda for 2050NOW




2050NOW works with regions, firms, teams and individuals to understand their context, build their story and equip them to reach their goals and potential. 

The 2050NOW team has worked on capacity-building projects with regions and firms; skills development initiatives for individuals and teams. This globally based experience offers a platform to deliver a range of futureproofing initiatives.




Regions compete, not countries. Given the 2050NOW agenda, regions need to respond. Any RMP (Regional Master Plan)  needs to address:

  • Future working assumptions. Take nothing for granted.  
  • Health. Fitness and well-being is key to employability.
  • Housing. Design, availability and affordability needs to be addressed.
  • Energy. The mix, use and optimization has to be sustainable.
  • Water. Embedded in all products and process as well as commercial and community use must be considered.
  • Life-long learning. Everyone will move through several roles and responsibilities through life. This means a constant reset on the journey from crèche to multiple careers.
  • Connectivity. The internet of all things means joining the dots physically and digitally is key to competitive advantage.

Capacity, sustainability and resilience in all of the above factors have to respond and grow to match emerging needs.

2050NOW create the platform of partners and connectivity to deal with the above. 

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These days networks and platforms compete, not companies. This means that individual firms need to understand how to access and join-the-dots in this fluid, global marketplace.

2050NOW will work with teams to imagine future scenarios; identify roadblocks and challenges; explore options and tool up to win. (learn more link)




The famed architect Le Corbusier said that cities were designed by the zigzag of donkeys. So to are our careers.

Jobs for life are of the past! You will have several careers; could be made redundant and will need to reset and re-tool your skills throughout your working life. This means resilience - the ability to learn from setbacks and move forward.

Adaptability, flexibility, enterprise, digital capability, life long learning, ability to communicate through all media, productivity... all will determine your employability. Some call these soft skills; we consider them essentials.

Qualifications, however good, are not enough. Employers seek out and retain those with self-confidence and an aptitude for creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and team work.

Above all, in a disruptive environment, resilience is key. You can't fail to learn!

Maybe the future does not have the jobs for you. This is your opportunity to devise, design and do it.

Employability starts with awareness of what is out there. 



2050NOW works with regions, firms, teams and schools. 

2050NOW offers talks, workshops and an intensive summer studio - see below.

2050NOW delivers innovation, impact and a social return on investment.  

2050NOW is rich in content to explore, enliven, challenge and inspire.



Lifelong learning enables us to continue adapting to our surroundings rather than being derailed by change!  Many will work internationally and communication skills are key.  Embracing change is much more effective than ignoring it.


The Churn


Disruption is in the future's DNA. Everything we do now is in flux. We need to respond and adapt to the churn of business models, ideas and experience. This means resilience.

2050NOW works with regions, firms and teams to challenge thinking with waves of innovation. 

This is The Churn!



Regions, communities, firms and schools highlight the need for employability. 2050NOW responds with a step change.

The EAP (Employability Assessment Platform) is a first step on a journey to figure out the best career pathway for you.

Given this baseline insight, 2050NOW will work with the individual to detail their unique journey to build experience through learning, doing and reviewing. 

The EAC (Employability Assessment Certification) builds on the EAP to offer individuals the opportunity to demonstrate their potential and build a learning map into the future.

Work-in-progress: 2050NOW are seeking accreditation for the EAC. 


Summer Studio

Widening participation and access into education, jobs and careers needs to extend beyond the school term.

Working with St. Mary's College, Hull - recognised as a world class high school; The Marvell College and Malet Lambert 2050NOW is working on a pilot in East Hull.

This team has identified content and delivery options to engage, inspire and empower students throughout the year: music; digital literacy; employability; experience & resilience. These modules challenge, engage and are fun!

Over the summer holidays, two 3-day weeks designed for students in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 builds experience through modules in a range of disciplines with an emphasis upon employability.

Each module is delivered in a cycle of learn>do>review, each week, within a 6 week programme.